Debossing, also known as blind stamping, stamps an image without any colour. Blind stamping is where an image is pushed into the surface of an item such as a bag or compendium and leaves a permanent impression in the surface of the item.

Blind stamping is a subtle way of embellishing a finished item such as a compendium, travel wallet or wine carrier. Items made from genuine leather will blind stamp best. Bonded leather items will also take blind stamping. Some vinyl and PU items can also be blind stamped, however, this is on a case by case basis and will depend on the artwork.  Sometimes, the cross hatching of the backing fabric can become apparent in a blind stamp onto a non-leather item and the result may or may not be pleasing to your client. Based on our experience with the particular non-leather item, we may recommend you get a pre-production sample blind stamped in advance of the rest of your order to ensure that your client is 100% happy with the result that can be achieved.

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