Foil Stamping

Foil stamping is a specialized printing process that uses heat and pressure to embellish the surface of an item which requires a stamping block to be made in the image to be stamped.

The “printing” is done using an industrial foil with a special adhesive backing. The heat and the pressure of the machine makes the foil bond with the surface of the item being stamped. A foil stamp is a permanent image on the surface of an item and looks shiny, glossy and smooth. Generally, promotional items can be foil stamped in gold, silver, black and a limited range of other metallic colours. Exactly which other colours depends on the surface of the item to be stamped. Foil stamping requires no drying time and will not rub off under normal use conditions.

Foil stamping can be done on most items whether they are made from leather, vinyl or PU as well as onto card, paper and some plastics.

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