Spot UV Varnishing

Spot UV Varnishing

Spot UV (Ultra Violet) Varnishing is a special effect that applies clear gloss varnish to chosen areas of a printed piece. This has the effect of highlighting and drawing attention to that part of the design. It also provides the added visual stimulus of having varied textures on a single printed surface. 

This serves to add interest to the piece as well as identifying it as a premium product in the mind of the consumer.

Spot UV Varnishing has traditionally been performed using a screen printing process. Lorimier has installed Australia’s first digital inkjet spot UV machine, the MGI Jetvarnish.

Features of the Lorimier spot UV varnish process include:

  • No screens, films or plates required.
  • The ability to adjust the image file to precisely fit the printed image as required before and during the run.
  • Gloss and Ultra Gloss finishes available.
  • Cost effective for small, medium and large print runs.
  • Minimum sheet size of 225mm x 320mm
  • Kind to the environment with no ozone emissions and lower energy consumption than traditional UV systems.

For optimum results, all Spot UV Varnishing techniques require the printed image to be sealed in order to prevent the varnish from being absorbed into the sheet.

In the case of Lorimier Spot UV Varnish the printed sheets should be sealed with a laminate or aqueous coat. Both matt laminate or matt aqueous coatings achieve maximum contrast between the highly reflective and glossy UV coating and the light absorbing matt base coat, creating a striking first impression.

Enhanced visual impact can be created when Spot UV Varnishing is combined with foil stamping and/or embossing.

Please contact Lorimier for samples and pricing.