Typeset (Letters/Numerals)

Lorimier can foil stamp names, initials and numerals onto a wide range of corporate and promotional items.

Stamping names and initials was once a popular service offered in all the major department stores and in many small kiosks throughout the city. Most of the craftsmen who used to office this service have long gone but Lorimier is proud to continue the tradition.

Using the original equipment and proven, time-honoured techniques, Lorimier can enhance the impact of any item in a way which is unique and very personal.

Names and initials are stamped using brass sets of individual letters. Lorimier has a range of different styles of lettering in various sizes for you to choose from.

These sets of letters were made way before computers, so the lettering styles and point sizes do not correspond exactly with your computer fonts.

Sample sheets of the styles and sizes are available for you to see. Please contact Lorimier for pricing.