Lorimier offers a number of different varnish coatings. They are applied to printed or unprinted paper and cardboard stocks to achieve various results.

Lorimier varnish coatings include:

Blister pack heat seal
Shrink pack
Grease coat
Gloss coat

Blister pack heat seal varnish

A water or solvent based liquid coating which is applied to clay coated board. The coating is later activated with a combined process of heat and pressure to adhere and seal into position a plastic blister pack containing a product to the board.

Examples: Battery packs, small hardware products, stationery items and most products sold in hang packs.

Shrink pack varnish

A water based liquid coating applied to board. The coating is later activated by heat to adhere a vacuum seal plastic shrink pack containing a product to the board.
Used in various packaging applications.

Grease coat varnish

A water based, colourless and odourless coating that provides a grease resistant, heat resistant, food grade finish.
Used primarily as an internal coating on packaging that comes into contact with food.

Gloss coat varnish

A water based coating that provides a high gloss finish that is able to be glued.
Used primarily in packaging applications.

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